Should we be teaching women to hunt?

The Minnesota Department of Natural resources thinks so and, frankly, so do we and much much more! Started in 1991 as an idea from Christine Thomas, Associate Dean and Professor of Resource Management at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources, as an answer to her own research premise “why more women didn't [...]

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2016 MN Deer Rifle Sight in at Forest Lake Sportsmens Club

Minnesota Deer Rifle Sight in Days are upon us. This year we encourage you to come over to Gate #1 and spend some time getting your MN Deer Rifle Sighted in. Dates, times and prices are below. Dates and Times: September 24th and 25th 9:00am - 4:oopm October 1st and 2nd 9:00am - 4:oopm October [...]

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How to Zero your Minnesota Deer Rifle

Deer Hunting is as traditional as any activity in Minnesota! As the air gets crisp it is time to start thinking about getting your deer rifle out an sighting it in. Here is a great article from for Guns and Ammo on how to get that done quick and cost effective. It doesn’t matter whether [...]

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Jeff Kirkwold Memorial 3 Gun Event at FLSC!

In August of 2016 FLSC hosted the 3rd annual Jeff Kirkwold Memorial 3 Gun Event and Man v. Man Shoot-off. This year was the biggest match yet boasting 120 shooters from all over the midwest and beyond. While the match was a huge success for the club and shooters alike the biggest winner was Task Force [...]

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