“The time to think about where to aim when shooting a deer isn’t right before you drop the hammer. The time is now…”. John Barsnee of Field and Stream makes the case that what you do before the hunt creates the situation for the humane kill. He offers some great advice on preparing on live fire and preparing on the range.

“Can’t make it to the range – dry-fire at deer photos. Despite what older hunters say, any modern bolt-action rifle can be safely clicked on an empty chamber. (Make sure the chamber and magazine are empty. Open the action and run your little finger inside the chamber, as sometimes a round won’t eject.)”

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With a little luck you will find yourself staring at an award winning buck. John also offers some great advice on shot placement for the most humane kill. Shoot for the epicenter- the area just above the heart. “The glorious thing about shooting for the epicenter is the room for error. Nobody places the bullet precisely every time, but you can miss the epicenter by a few inches in any direction and still put a deer down quickly.”

Take some time and dry-fire your deer rifle, do some research on shot placement and then come out to FLSC and make sure that your rifle is true. A little practice and research goes a long way towards an successful and humane hunt.

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