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This is an area intended for the Shareholders of Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club.  It is password protected.  Please do not share the login name and password with non shareholders. You may use the Home button above to return to the public FLSC Website.

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NOTICE : Click HERE for the Bylaws adopted February 18th, 2016

Special Announcements

 Monthly Board Meeting: Monthly Board Meetings are held in the clubhouse on the second Monday of the month at 7 PM, unless posted otherwise. Any changes to this schedule will be posted on the club calendar.
Rifle Range Safety Issue: There have been a few issues where people have pulled guns or handled them while people are down range putting up targets. This is an unsafe condition. Whenever someone is down range, leave your firearms in their cases or on the gun rack. Please show your fellow shareholders the consideration that you would like to be shown to yourself.

The club has installed red lights on each range. When anyone is downrange, these red lights are to be turned on. If the red lights are one, ALL guns are to be open-action and behind the yellow line in the rack at the back of the benches. If you arrive and the light is on, it is up to you to check all ranges.


Current Board of Directors:

President Ben Haasl. Elected 2016 : Email

Ben Haasl is a resident of Forest Lake and he is a mechanical engineer at Boston Scientific in Arden Hills.   He loves the variety of options the club provides to members and the “up north” feel.   As an engineer he loves all things mechanical, firearms are no exception.   He also firmly believes in the Constitution and the Freedoms and Rights it protects.   Ben enjoys all aspects of shooting and does not consider himself an expert in any but really enjoys learning and practicing.  He became a board member because he felt he could make a positive impact and was excited about the direction Ron is taking the club.   Ben’s objective for the club is to provide members a community of fellow sportsmen and sportswomen who share interests a place to gather, recreate and enjoy shooting sports.

Vice President Chris Zenk. Elected 2015 : Email

Chris Zenk lives in Forest Lake with his wife, Rebecca, and two boys, Jordan (12) and Trevor (11).   He is a consulting executive with a BA in Organizational Management from University of MN – Duluth.   Chris has a passion for all the disciplines supported by the club – Rifle, Pistol, shotgun, archery and action shooting.   He enjoys learning and loves them all!  Chris pursued his board position because he has a passion for improving the club and the opportunities for the next generation.  He loves the dedication members have to help others learn and grow.   Chris’s objective for the club is for it to be a place where families spend time together, sharing both their knowledge and their passion for the shooting sports and the outdoors!


Treasurer : Tony Peterson : Email

Secretary : Steven Zerwas : Email

Steven Zerwas lives locally with his wife Catherine and four of their five children.  Steven has a passion for action pistol shooting and has been a been a competitive shooter in IDPA and USPSA since 1995.  His dedication and expertise has been instrumental in growing the Club’s action shooting activities and reputation as a premier shooting range.   Steven is a certified instructor thru the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and owner of Personal Protection Inc, which provides training and certification requirements for carry permit holders.  His hope is to provide students with quality foundational training and confidence which is critical in order to survive a life threatening encounter. He offers his services at the Club and through this takes the opportunity to show the general public what FLSC has to offer.   Steven’s objective as a member of the Board is to help the ongoing growth and reputation of FLSC as the premier shooting venue in the State of Minnesota.

Member at large 1 Gunnar An. Elected 2016 : Email

Gunnar An lives in Minnetonka with his wife Cathy and twin girls.   He works for JP Enterprises and travels around the country representing the Company at action shooting and firearm industry events.   He enjoys handloading and the action shooting sports, being part of the Club allows him to practice both.  Gunnar became a board member to take action to ensure the pursuit of outdoor shooting sports for future generations.   He would like to see the Club cater to anyone passionate in shooting sports and promote this great American pastime.

Member at larger 2 Paul Wolmuth. Elected 2016 : Email

Paul Wollmuth lives in North Branch with his wife Jenna and their one year old son Noah.   He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of North Dakota.   Paul’s father got him heavily involved in the outdoors and he began doing archery competitions at the age of 6.   Paul and his father spent most of the weekends in the fall chasing something in the field, from birds and deer to coyotes in the off season.   Paul is a Product Engineer for JP Enterprises, which brought him to the Twin Cities.   He feels very lucky that the local range he found, FLSC, has one of the best communities for sport shooting and that the Club has a premier facility to host many different events.   When a Board position became available, Paul didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to help continue the growth the club is experiencing.   His objective is to not only help build on the growth, but also to continue improving the facility for members, and everyone who attends events at the Club.

Member at large 3 : Art Foster. Elected 2017 : Email

Art Foster lives in Blaine with his Wife, Becky, and their two Doberman pups.  He is employed as a medical device scientist and has spent 40 years in this field.  Despite attending too many years of college to count, Art maintains his common sense outlook on life, by staying active in hobbies that keep him busy.  These include: home improvement, building/restoring cars and bringing new friends into the shooting hobby.  Art enjoys all aspects of the club, but is particularly focused on rifle range activities.  The Constitutional protection provided to our club’s activities is a driver for Art’s daily involvement.  Improving our clubs future for existing and new members drives Art’s thinking.  When not shooting, Art is also an amateur machinist and is working on earning his Gunsmith Certificate.

Current Staff :

Club Operations Manager Ron Westberg

Ron Westberg lives in Wyoming with his wife Dawn.  Between the two of them they have 4 grown children and 7 beautiful grandchildren.     Aside from his family, Ron has always had a passion for hunting, fishing and guns.   He and Dawn have been very active in the shooting sports for many years.   Five years ago Ron was excited to take on the challenges associated with, not only managing the club, but also expanding club opportunities in the action shooting sports.  His expertise, passion and dedication to the club, shooting sports and the shareholders, has driven positive profitable growth of the club, membership and community.    Ron credits the very supportive board and dedicated members of the club for the rewarding success that has been achieved.

Shotgun Sports Manager Gary Bibeau

Gary Bibeau lives in Wyoming with his wife Barbara.  They have 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters so he swims in the estrogen pool.  He had a career in the Marines, followed by one in computer security.  He also spent 3 years in the Gulf working for the USO where he was responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf states.  He started shooting sports in 1985 and has participated in USPSA, IPSC and 3-gun, with the occasional trap league.  He is looking forward to getting more involved with shotgun and improving his skills.

Shareholder Coordinator Tiffany Overland

Tiffany Overland lives in Wyoming with her husband Todd and their two kids, Dakota (13) and Hunter (11).   She became involved with the club and shooting sports through her husband and kids passion for hunting and shooting.  Both of her kids are involved with youth trap programs and, along with her husband,  action shooting sports.   Tiffany’s passion is to support growing future club membership through the involvement of juniors in shooting sports.

Please be aware that if you use an AOL Account, our board members will not be able to respond to you as AOL blocks e-mail from many public companies that host websites.



Code of Conduct

Due to some problems that have occurred at our facility, a code of conduct has been established. Please read the following documents:

CLICK HER FOR APPENDIX A in the Shareholders Manual – Please report any violations to any board member


Board(s) of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes will be published a few days following the next month’s Board of Director meeting as they must be approved by the boards prior to posting.

Date,FLSC Inc,FLSC Operations
July 13 2015, 071315 Inc Minutes.pdf,
June 8 2015, 060815 Inc Minutes.pdf,
May 11 2015, 051115 Inc Minutes.pdf,05112015 Ops Minutes.pdf
April 13 2015, 041315 Inc Minutes.pdf,04132015 Ops Minutes.pdf
March 16 2015, 031615 Inc Minutes.pdf,
February 19 2015, 021915 Inc Minutes.pdf,02192015 Annual Ops Minutes.pdf
February 9 2015, 020915 Inc Minutes.pdf,02092015 Ops Minutes.pdf
January 12 2015, 011215 Inc Minutes.pdf,01122015 Ops Minutes.pdf
September 2016, Board Meeting Minutes
October 2016, Board Meeting Minutes
November 2016, AgendaBoard Meeting Minutes
December 2016,Board Meeting Minutes
January 2017,Board Meeting Minutes
February 2017,Board Meeting Minutes
March 2017, Board Meeting Minutes
April 2017, Agenda, Board Meeting Minutes
May 2017, Agenda, Board Meeting Minutes
June 2017, Agenda, Board Meeting Minutes
July 2017,  Board Meeting Minutes
August 2017, Board Meeting Minutes
Septmber 2017, Board Meeting Minutes
October 2017, Board Meeting Minutes
November 2017, Board Meeting Minutes
December 2017, Board Meeting Minutes
January 2018, Board Meeting Minutes
February 2018, Annual Members Meeting

The information listed below are in Adobe PDF format. Please make sure that you have Adobe Reader, click on the link below, and save them. (Some of these downloads can take a while – please be patient)

  • Bylaws of Forest Lake Sportsmens ClubADOPTED February 18, 2016
  • Property Lease Agreement This document is obsolete. The current lease is part of the FLSC INC minutes dated August 9, 2010.
  • Complaint Form This complaint form is to be used to document safety violations. Please read the instructions as to its purpose and use.
  • Shareholder Introduction This is a copy of the information that is important to know as a shareholder.
  • Assessment & Dues Payment Policy
  • Renting or Reserving the Rifle Range This is a guideline for renting or reserving the rifle range (posted 05-05-2009)
  • FLSC Strategic Plan The boards have been working on a direction for our club. (posted 4-10-2008)
  • Dues Work Credit form If you work on a project and want credit for your hours, make sure you complete this form and hand it in when you do your work. Extra forms are available from the board members or from the club manager.
  • Membership Application If you have a prospective member in mind, print off this form for their use. As a shareholder you have an obligation to inform the prospective member of the requirements of membership including an accurate overview of who and what we are and what is expected of each member. If you’re unsure of all the details, contact a board member for guidance.
  • Range Officer’s Guide The FLSC Range Officer’s Guide is a muti-page document that is designed to be printed “Duplex”. Start by loading one sheet of paper in your printer. When the first page has printed, flip the page over and re-insert it in your printer and let it print the second page on the back of the first. Continue printing the next page and then flip it over to print on the back. You’ll have to continue doing this 3 times. When all pages have printed, assemble the booklet, fold it in half and staple it in the middle.

Annual Meeting Minutes

2011 Annual Meeting 

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